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A Spoonful of Magic

Normal days can be bland. The everyday version of life can feel like a cake that failed to rise sometimes. A complete opposite from the happy hormone rush you get when you’re planning and taking vacations. But we can’t always be on vacation and that’s why we have to be intentional about adding A Spoonful of Magic to our everyday lives.


We have to be intentional about adding

A Spoonful of Magic to our everyday lives.


On a bland day such as this, My daughter, who had just returned home from her job at a local waterpark, needed a little something to sweeten her day. After a minute of deliberation she confidently decided that the ingredient she was missing in her day was Jack Jack’s Num Num cookies.

I watched as she measured out ingredients and mixed them together. The process of taking part in something Disney, checking the box of something that had been on her “to try” list and breaking the mold of the monotony of life seemed to gradually lift the invisible weight that was keeping her smile from spreading across her face. We baked, we talked, we watched Tik Tok videos and put a little magic into the recipe of our day.


Friends, life can be uninspired, so add a little spice or sweetener. Find the missing ingredient and the make it better! Add a little Disney movie, bake a park snack you’ve been craving, sing your favorite Disney songs and be a Disney Hero to someone who needs kindness or comfort. These are the ways we add the Disney ingredient to the recipe of life.


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