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Turning Lemons into Violet Lemonade

I am an official travel agent for Mouse Marketplace. This Blog is in Partnership with Mouse Marketplace. Check out their amazing Disney inspired merchandise, custom boxes and sweet treats at

As a little girl, I remember visiting friends of my parents every summer. Making the drive from Alabama to Virginia was a yearly calendar event. As you can imagine, it isn't every grade schoolers favorite to be shut up in a car for a whole day. But I knew it would be worth it in the end.

Our family car would wind its way through rolling hills till it found its way to Virginia. As soon as we would hit the door my anticipation for what I knew was waiting for me was almost more than I could bear.

Without fail they would have lemonade waiting for us. Fresh homemade lemonade, the kind you get at the boardwalk when visiting the beach. The kind that leaves grains of sugar that make a crunch in your teeth. Those long drives were a lot on a little kid, but the reward was so worth it in the end. The sweet treat they prepared for us was something I looked forward to every year.

Featured here, Mackenzie Willey wearing Mouse Marketplace Violet Lemonade Home T-shirt

Photos by Enchanting Escapes by Lori

Violet Lemonade Perspective

In a lot of ways, the last year has been a bit of a long haul. One of the most amazing things I have witnessed is watching our Disney communities figure out how to make a journey full of lemons into the refreshment of lemonade. Taking all the bitterness and making something sweet out of it. There have been days that I was tired and yet it seemed there was always something Disney to look forward too.

Communities of people gathering together online to keep the Disney spirit alive in a year when for a while we couldn't even visit our Home away from Home was truly remarkable.

Mouse Marketplace is one such community. Bringing sunshine when we needed it most and keeping us connected through coffee chats with Erica, Disney Drives with Bonnie and merchandise and treats that give us all a reason to smile!

Here we are, one year later and Spring is almost here. A season of new beginnings is upon us and Mouse Marketplace is giving us yet another reason to put on a happy face with their new Violet Lemonade inspired HOME t-shirt inspired by the delicious treat found in Epcot.

Do not miss out on this amazing shirt that is sure to bring a little sweetness into your life. If you are missing the magic that Disney provides, jump into the community of Mouse Marketplace. Here you will find friends with Pixie Dust to share and lots of goodies to help keep the Disney spirit alive in your home throughout the year!

Violet Lemonade Day

Mouse Marketplace is dedicating a full day to the delicious taste of Violet Lemonade! Mark your calendar and set your alarm for 11:30am WDW time on March 22, 2021

Wishing you delicious lemonade & sunshine,

Lori Willey


Lori is an Official Mouse Marketplace Travel Planner

Travel Agent & Marketing Specialist for Enchanting Escapes Travel

Mouse Marketplace Facebook Group Administrator

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