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A few of my favorite Prime Day Travel Essentials ...

These items are all on sale today. You can pick them up for a bit less than usual but this list is worth having even after today's savings pass. Add them to your list!

First up is the collapsible water bottle. No matter where you are traveling, hydration is not only essential for your health but it also helps you enjoy your trip just a little more. A body that feels good is one that will be able to take in the moments and love each journey. Here's one I found that is also cute and stylish!

Liquid IV is a perfect pair with your collapsible water bottle. Remember water is free from most quick service locations in parks. It is essential to stay hydrated in intense heat or activity. Liquid IV comes in many flavors and is a great addition to your overall travel and leisure.

Overall, a Cruise Approved Power Strip offers convenience, space-saving design, and compliance with cruise ship regulations, making it a great choice for travelers to purchase. it is specifically designed to be used on cruise ships, where power outlets may be limited. It allows you to expand the number of outlets available to you, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The foldable plug design makes it easy to pack and carry, as it takes up less space in your luggage.

With limited space in cruise staterooms, these metal hooks can be great space savers for bags, clothing, towels or blankets. Having space savers will make your time on your vacation more enjoyable and easier to hold all your belongings.

There are so many fun and exciting water activities while on vacation, having a water proof pouch for your phone can help keep your phone safe, let you continue to enjoy the convenience of your electronics and hold tickets or admission documents without the worry of getting them wet or ruined.

Small Portable Charger

If you have ever been in the airport scheduling a Lyft, a theme park checking in for a dining reservation, or poolside at the resort answering a business email and your phone died, then you know how important it is to have a portable charger. These guys have do not require a cord and can keep you in charged up for those important vacation moments!

This convenient hanging travel organizer is perfect for your trips. Once you arrive at your hotel, simply retrieve it from your suitcase and hang it in the wardrobe or bathroom for quick and easy access. By using this practical hanging suitcase organizer, you'll be able to save a significant amount of time when packing up your luggage and keep things nice and organized.

Convenience is a huge perk to this lanyard wallet. However, safety is also a perk. With RFID technology you can also keep your payment forms safe from hackers. In theme parks such as Universal Studios, Lanyards are a definite essential to an easy park experience!

Contact me to talk about your next getaway!

I look forward planning an enchanting escape just for you.

Lori Willey

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