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All About My Stay at WDW's Swan Hotel!

August 2020 offered a beautiful experience and opportunity to take my oldest on a mother/daughter trip to Disney with friends. We arrived a day before our group and took the time to book a short overnight stay at Disney's Swan Resort. I was genuinely refreshed by this experience for several reasons and want to tell you all about it!

My very first visit to Walt Disney World was when I was just 11 years old and it was 1991. The Swan Hotel had just opened the year prior in 1990. I remember being in awe of the grand statues perched high on top of the hotel. Fast forward 29 years and there I was taking my daughter and still finding myself impressed by the architecture of this hotel. When we arrived it was Disney rain-o'clock. If you don't know what that is, it's the time everyday in Florida where the sky gets heavy and the down pour begins. Typically, shortly after, it will stop and allow you to proceed with your plans but this storm held out a little longer than most. I was not at all upset though, as my intentions were to explore this resort that I had such fond memories of. This storm leads me into the first of four topics I want to cover about Disney's Swan Resort.



Should you choose to drive to the Swan you will have to self park or use the valet service. Upon our arrival, the storm was so intense that I chose to use the valet service. What a lovely group of employees that took care of us. This proved to be a great decision that kept me from looking like I showered in my clothing for our dinner reservation later that night. If you are driving you can expect to pay $25/night for self parking or $35/night for valet services. If you choose to splurge on valet parking, remember to bring some extra cash on hand to tip the drivers. Though the daily $35 charge can be charged to your room, tips are not included in this. The valet attendants will take great care of you so make sure you are prepared to take great care of them. Also, all Disney hotels now charge to park if you are bringing your car with you. Plan ahead so this expense doesn't take you by surprise.

Of course Disney's Swan Resort will also offer you plenty of transportation options from the resort to the parks. These options include bus service, water taxis and the ability to take the walkway to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. However, if you plan on flying in to Walt Disney World The Swan does not participate in Disney's Magical Express. This means you will need to find transportation from the airport to the resort itself.



When we arrived at Disney's Swan Resort we were so excited yet so tired. We drove through a hurricane as we made our way down the east coast states to get to our first love of vacations. You guessed it, Walt Disney World is that first love. It was such an intense drive that I was almost certain I would have to pry my fingers from the steering wheel. Imagine our sigh of contentment as we walk into the beautiful lobby of the Swan and make our way to the elevator to travel up to our spacious room. The air was light and crisp with air conditioning pumping into the room removing the heaviness of the weather outside. We were somewhat giddy when we saw the dual vanities and sinks that would allow us to get ready at the same time. Why does this make us girls so happy? Well, two vanities means we both get to maximize the down time, play time and food time because the time we spend getting ready is efficient as we are able to do it simultaneously. The beds are truly comfortable and supportive. Our sleep was great and we woke well rested.



Activities are everywhere at The Swan! The grand grotto, pool and spa area were truly amazing. We carved out some time before our check out to take it all in. Due to Covid-19 procedures, the hot tub and water slide were not available but as you can see in our photos and videos the scenery is beautiful and the pool and water fall were so refreshing.

I highly recommend this resort due to the many activities it provides. Outdoor games such as chess, checkers, cornhole, Swan paddle boats and more. These activities would make a family vacation with non park days a breeze. If you are doing an adult only trip this is truly a great option for your down time.



This may be the single best part of The Swan Hotel to me. We genuinely loved the ability to take a stroll along the water way and head right on over to Disney's Boardwalk area. You are able to easily access the dining and entertainment of the Boardwalk. Nightlife spots like Jellyrolls, The Atlantic Dance Hall and ESPN Club are not yet back open but when they are this will be an amazing benefit of staying at The Swan making it truly a getaway unto itself even without park tickets. You can also reserve your dining at the restaurants of the Boardwalk such as Trattoria al Forno (Currently open) or Big River Grille and Flying Fish when they reopen. Quick options offers a Bakery and Pizza Window for your enjoyment. The location of The Swan genuinely places its guests in a haven of experiences and amenities.



The Swan offers several dining options. We did not partake in the table service options but were genuinely happy with the quick service breakfast we picked up at the Java Bar. Mickey Waffles are still served here and we paired them with our choice of specialty coffee drinks. I enjoyed a caramel macchiatto and my daughter had a java chip Frappe. It was a delicious way to start any day.

There are many reasons to book your next stay at The Swan or Dolphin Hotels in Disney. Contact me if you are interested in my help returning you to the magic of a Disney World vacation! I am happy to help.

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