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A Few of My Favorite Things | WDW | AUG - 2020

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Every trip I take I find things that I love or enjoy while away! It can be part of my trip or something I have bought that ends up being a favorite for function or use! Join me as I give you my top 5 favorite things from my August 2020 Disney Trip!

1 - For Mother's Day my family gifted to me a Loungefly bag that I absolutely loved at first site. This is the Loungefly Disney Mickey Mouse Dip-Dye Canvas Mini Backpack - BoxLunch Exclusive . My daughter and I took turns carrying this bag through the parks and it was perfectly sized for our sunglasses, ponchos, extra socks, band-aids, chap stick, wallets, Cell phone portable charger and a bottle of water with room to spare. My two cents ... It's a perfect way to add some Disney flair and function to your accessories while in the parks! It holds just the right amount of personal items to get you through a park day.

2 - Vera Bradley Masks - No one knows how long our current mandates will last for wearing masks in public spaces. What we do know is that it's always a good idea to do it in style. Before this trip I purchased many masks. Some were Disney themes that were cute and others just ones I liked. I purchased this one at a small boutique in Berlin, MD called Victorian Charm. You may know this little store front shop from the movie Runaway Bride as it was used as the bridal shop. Well, it is actually a lovely boutique selling many brands you know and love including Vera Bradley. This mask was my favorite in the parks not just because of the cute pattern but also because of the the lightweight cool fabric. It was easy to wear in the heat and did not add any additional discomfort. My Two Cents ... Totally worth purchasing these masks! You will not regret it!

3 - Something completely girly. For those of us girls that rely on eyeliner to look alive, the blistering heat of the Florida sun presents a problem. In a last minute run to the store, I saw out of the corner of my eye my new eyeliner by Mabeline called Tattoo Studio. It was a split second, fly by the seat of my pants kind of decision and it did not disappoint! Trust me, usually I look like a raccoon at the end of every scorcher of a Disney day. I made it through every day without any issues with my eyeliner. You can see here the before and after of a long Magic Kingdom day that had us looking a little worn out but my eyeliner made it through the day.

4 - This is maybe the most important item I bring on my Disney trips. On average we log over 20,000 steps a day as a die hard ride family. Years of painful experiences with super sensitive feet covered in blisters have brought me to find the best blister care band-aid I have ever tried. Johnson and Johnson's gel guard band-aids add cushion and protection to my blisters. They withstand the heat and moisture that results from full days in the park. If you have sensitive skin that blisters easy, these are the perfect addition to your bag for Disney.

5 - I purchased a fuel rod kit at Disney to keep my phone charged at all times. The kit costs $30. Disney has Fuel Rod stations throughout the parks and typically in the hotels where you can trade them out for fully charged rods as many times as necessary. The kit is yours to take with you and you can usually find stations in airports as well. It is an excellent investment for optimum convenience to keep your devices charged. The kit comes with everything you need. A quick search on your My Disney Experience app will allow you to see locations on the Fuel Rod stations in the parks and hotels.


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Aug 31, 2020

Great blog and tips on 5 favorite things. Good information

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