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Will I See the Princesses at Disney?

One of the most common questions I get asked by my Disney Travel Clients is "Will we get to see the princesses?" The answer is 100% YES! Disney has been hard at work to provide you with a truly magical experience. The princesses are eager to wave to you, blow kisses your way, give a smile and sometimes make a heart with their hands to signal to you that they love you too.

For all who enter the Kingdom of characters and Magical Royalty that Walt Disney created for us, you can be sure they want to see you as much as you want to see them. Princess Ariel said it best in her song, Part of Your World, when she said "I want to be where the people are!"

There are three ways to see the princesses right now.

  • First, you can catch them in their Royal Cavalcades throughout the parks at random times during the day. But rest assured they like to keep in contact with their kingdom so they come out often!

  • Second, princesses get hungry too, so you will find them at some character dining locations.

  • And third, you may see them in certain locations at a distance where you can even snap a socially distanced selfie. One such location is in Epcot where Alice can be found in the gardens of the United Kingdom.

Character spotting can be it's own game in Disney.

I suggest having a little extra fun, engage your family's sense of adventure

  • Create challenges for who can spot the princess first.

  • While standing in line, play charades and use Disney Princesses for your family to guess about.

  • Make a photo scavenger hunt, if your kids complete it they get a prize or maybe even a trip to pick something out from the gift shop.

There's so many creative ways to enrich your vacation! Get out there and explore the magic!

Lori Willey

An Official Mouse Marketplace Travel Planner

Travel Agent & Marketing Specialist for Enchanting Escapes Travel

I am an Authorized Disney & Universal Travel Planner with Enchanting Escapes Travel and a proud admin of our beloved Mouse Marketplace Facebook Group. I live to create sunshine for my clients & bring smiles to their faces. An enjoyable & stress free planning process is my goal for every client. I take pride in discovering your travel personality and then creating an experience that suits your adventurous spirit!

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