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Discovering Georgia

Recently, I traveled to Georgia for my sister's wedding. What was meant to be a large family trip turned into just my daughter and myself hitting the road on an adventure and having no idea what our little trip would hold as we were setting out in unknown territory because of Covid-19 shut-downs. I gotta be honest, I am usually a take the bull by the horns kind of gal but I had to wrap my head around traveling during this season! Mainly, where would we find restrooms to use? Insert humor here!

In all seriousness, this trip was looking so different than it was intended to be and that ended up being a truly amazing thing. We couldn't do our normal go to activities. We had to think outside the box and explore what was available to us. That ended up being nature and the great outdoors at Amicalola Falls State Park, a charming little town called Covington, GA, and shops and cafe's in Roswell, GA. Sometimes detours take us down the prettiest paths and show us things we never took the time to see before. That was the case for our Covid-19 trip detour.



We started our fun with our tour of Covington, GA. If any of you are fans of the shows Vampire Diaries, Legacies or Sweet Magnolias ... this is a pretty cool day trip in the Atlanta area.

We strolled along the streets and visited local shops. Our highlight was visiting the Mystic Grill and having lunch and taking a gander through the Mystic Grill shop

below the restaurant. We also enjoyed taking photos in the town's common area which is an iconic part of the shows taped there. After eating lunch, we then got ice cream at Scoops. When I tell you it was amazing, that really can't capture the level of delicious that was the key lime pie and banana pudding flavors I tried. Do yourself a favor and make Scoops a part of your trip to Covington, GA. We then

headed over to the visitor center and picked up our Vampire Diaries self-guided tour map to visit all our favorite Vampire Diaries destinations. It was a super fun fan-girl day for sure. Even in the midst of the beginning stages of coming out of the Covid-19 shut-down, Covington, GA was quaint and welcoming. I highly recommend the journey to see what this little town has to offer!



Roswell, GA was a breath of fresh air. From the moment I stepped out of the car, I felt hugged by the charm of this little but beautiful town. We walked everywhere we went. It's funny how the simple addition of sidewalks through a town invites you to leave the bubble of your transportation and stretch your legs to broaden your boundaries.

I discovered a sweet little store named Honey Butter. We bought some cute finds that my daughter just couldn't live without and a incredible travel bag for a Mother's Day gift for my mom. The sidewalk

led us down a little further to the amazing Roswell Provisions where a Vanilla Bean Latte whisked me into the charm even further. There were many touches across the town that hinted towards the beloved history its residents shared. From mansions to benches there was a backstory to this adorable town and we loved it!



Next up was probably my unexpected favorite! My incredibly physically fit daughter wanted to get out and take a hike. We found Amicalola Falls State Park. One year ago and 54 lbs heavier I would have never been able to make this memory with her. Not only was it beautiful because of the scenenery, it was beautiful because it was possible.

Becoming a better version of myself is allowing me to make better memories with those I love. I don't have to sit on the sidelines while they have new experiences. I get to be a part of the memory. It was NOT easy but it was possible and I have never felt so alive in a long time. Get out there and do what you thought you couldn't! You won't regret it!

When life throws you a curve, just go with the flow! You can enjoy the journey no matter what!

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13 jul 2020

What a lovely inspiring trip with my girls! We are “ Southeren” at heart!! 😉

Me gusta
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