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MARCH | FREE Download!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Want to add a little magic to your home? Look no further! I invite you to enjoy this free download and spread a little pixie dust around you.




Things You'll Need:

  1. 24 by 36" free downloadable print (You can use printing companies like Staples and Vista Print for poster prints. There are so many options for printing this but Staples is available for quick prints as you can submit the file online and then pick it up usually on the same day from your local Staples store. Vista Print is one of the best priced options. If you have time order it from Vista Print and have it delivered. Make sure to choose standard paper or matte finish) VISTA PRINT POSTER OPTIONS

  2. A 24"x36" frame. I highly recommend Hobby Lobby for this. Every other week you'll find their frames for sale half off. Below you will find a link to the rustic frame I used in my own home. HOBBY LOBBY FRAME

  3. Make sure to have materials on hand to hang your framed poster print such as nails, screws, screw driver or hammer.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any affiliation with any printing, framing or home decor companies mentioned in this post.

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1 comentario

09 mar 2020

I love it! So beautiful and it’s Disney! And I love Disney!

Me gusta
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